Finding Wheelchair Accessible Accommodations: Tips and Options

Travelling is an enjoyable experience that everyone can indulge in. However, for wheelchair users, finding appropriate accommodations can be a tiresome task. Because of this, it is essential to know how to find and choose wheelchair-accessible accommodations that cater to your specific needs. This article will provide helpful tips and options to aid you in your search.

Why is it Important to Find Wheelchair Accessible Accommodations?

Ensuring an Enjoyable Trip for Wheelchair Users

Accessible living facilities ensure a fun and memorable vacation experience for wheelchair users. Having the freedom to navigate through your accommodation, having access to essential amenities, and being able to carry out basic activities like taking a shower, all contribute to a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

The Importance of Accessibility for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities need accessibility features to conduct their daily lives with ease. From wheelchair-accessible hallways to step-free entrances, it is essential to have barrier-free living spaces to enable people with disabilities to move around with ease.

Legal Obligations for Accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) made it compulsory for all public accommodations, including hotels, to include accessibility features in their facilities. These features include accessible entrances, bathrooms, roll-in showers, grab bars and accessible rooms. This is not only for convenience but a legal obligation for all accommodations.

What are the Options for Wheelchair Accessible Accommodations?

Accessible Hotels

Accessible hotels have several facilities, such as roll-in showers, grab bars, and lowered switches, to help make the stay enjoyable and hassle-free for wheelchair users. When booking a room, be sure to inquire about wheelchair-accessibility features to ensure that they have the necessary equipment to meet your specific needs.

Handicap Accessible Apartments

Apartments that cater to people with disabilities offer wheelchair-accessible features and amenities. These include, but are not limited to, step-free entrances, wider doorways, and tactile features on elevators. These types of apartments should meet your accessibility needs, whether you are travelling or relocating.

Wheelchair-Accessible Rentals

One cost-effective way to find wheelchair-accessible accommodations is to check rental listings that offer wheelchair accessibility. You can find a large selection of wheelchair-accessible rentals through online rental websites such as Airbnb.

What to Look for in a Wheelchair-Accessible Accommodation?

Wheelchair Accessibility Features

When choosing wheelchair-accessible accommodations, it is essential to look for features that cater to wheelchair users. These include features such as step-free entrances, low door thresholds, grab bars, and a sink and mirror that are usable while sitting down.

Accessible Bathroom Amenities

Accessible bathroom amenities, such as a roll-in shower, shower chair, and hand-held showerhead, help make bathing easier. Having accessible amenities in the bathroom makes it easier and safer for the wheelchair user to have personal care.

Roll-In Showers

For wheelchair users, roll-in showers provide an open and accessible space to shower without any barriers. They have a slope for easy entry and exit and have a shower bench or chair for added convenience.

Where to Find Wheelchair-Accessible Accommodations?

Online Accommodation Booking Platforms

Online accommodation booking platforms like and have filters that enable you to refine your search to include accessibility features, making it easier to find suitable accommodations.

Federal Programs for Reasonable Accommodations

The Federal Government has several disability programs, such as the Habitat for Humanity, that provide accessible accommodations for people with disabilities. These programs aim to provide assistance to individuals looking for suitable accommodations.

Consulting with Disability Rights Advocacy Organizations

Disability rights advocacy organizations have information on accessible accommodations in your local area. These organizations can provide recommendations to help you find the right accommodation that meets your accessibility needs.

How to Choose the Right Wheelchair-Accessible Accommodation?

Considering the Purpose of Your Trip

Think about your trip’s purpose when choosing accommodations. Some trips may require a central location while others may prioritize peaceful surroundings. Choose accommodations that cater to your specific needs.

Assessing Your Accessibility Needs

Determine your accessibility needs beforehand when selecting accommodations. Create a list of accessibility features you require in a living space, such as wheelchair-friendly features. Comparing this list with the accommodation options to find a suitable match.

Comparing Prices and Reviews

Compare prices and reviews to find the perfect, accessible accommodation that fits your budget. Reviews on websites provide helpful insight into past guests’ experiences, making it easier to make informed decisions when selecting accommodations.


Q: What is the meaning of finding wheelchair accessible accommodations?

A: Finding wheelchair accessible accommodations means finding housing options that are designed to accommodate people with disabilities, specifically those who use wheelchairs.

Q: What are accessible features in an apartment?

A: Accessible features in an apartment include wider doorways, lower countertops and light switches, grab bars in bathrooms, roll-in showers, and other modifications that help individuals with disabilities navigate their living space easily.

Q: What is a handicap accessible apartment?

A: A handicap accessible apartment is an apartment that is designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities. These apartments have features such as wheelchair ramps, wider doorways, and other modifications that make it easy for individuals with disabilities to move around the apartment.

Q: How can I find wheelchair accessible apartments?

A: You can find wheelchair accessible apartments by searching for “handicap accessible apartments” using popular rental sites, calling apartment complexes directly, or using federal programs designed to help individuals with disabilities find affordable and accessible housing.

Q: What is reasonable accommodation in accessible apartments?

A: Reasonable accommodation in accessible apartments refers to modifications made by landlords or property owners to make their living spaces more accessible for individuals with disabilities. These accommodations can include adding ramps, installing grab bars, or providing alternate door handles.

Q: What are federal programs to help find handicap accessible apartments?

A: There are several federal programs that can help individuals with disabilities find affordable and handicap accessible apartments. These include Section 8, the Housing Choice Voucher Program, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Q: What is the process of finding an accessible home?

A: The process of finding an accessible home can be done by searching for “accessible housing” or “wheelchair accessible home” using popular rental sites, calling property owners directly, and checking for accessible features. You can also look into federal programs that can help you find accessible housing in your area.

Q: How do I know if an apartment meets my needs as a wheelchair user?

A: You can know if an apartment meets your needs as a wheelchair user by looking for specific features such as wheelchair ramps, wider doorways, and lower countertops. You can also ask the landlord or property owner about specific accommodations that may be available.

Q: What should I do if I can’t find any accessible apartments in my area?

A: If you’re unable to find any accessible apartments in your area, you can look into federal programs that can help you find affordable and accessible housing. You can also reach out to property owners and landlords to see if they can make any accommodations to their existing buildings.

Q: What are some hotels with accessible rooms?

A: Some hotels with accessible rooms include Hilton, Marriot, and Holiday Inn. It’s important to call the hotel directly before making a reservation to ensure that the room meets your specific needs.


In conclusion, finding wheelchair-accessible accommodations is an essential part of planning a comfortable and enjoyable trip for wheelchair users. The accommodations should cater to your accessibility needs and comply with legal obligations under the ADA. Researching accessible apartments, hotels, and rentals, looking out for key wheelchair-accessible features, seeking advice from disability rights organizations and consulting with federal programs can help you find the best possible accessible accommodations.

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