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If you’re looking for wheelchair accessible tours in Brisbane, then look no further! Here, we offer a comprehensive guide that showcases the best Brisbane has to offer for visitors with mobility needs. Despite being one of Brisbane’s busiest cities, it holds a reputation for its excellent accessibility and wheelchair-friendly attractions. Feel inspired by a visit and discover Brisbane’s top experiences that are easily accessible, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Queensland’s vibrant capital city.

What are the best wheelchair accessible experiences in Brisbane?

Exploring the Brisbane River: Wheelchair-friendly options

The Brisbane River offers a wealth of wheelchair accessible activities. Wheelchair-friendly river cruises allow visitors to take in the scenic riverside views, the engaging cityscape, and the annual Brisbane Whale Watching event. Free cancellation policies of most cruises add an extra layer of assurance so you can book with confidence, knowing you won’t be penalised if plans change.

South Bank: A hub for accessible activities

The South Bank area is renowned for its plethora of accessible activities, the most popular being the South Bank Parklands. The Parklands are lusciously green and cover over 17 hectares of parkland in the heart of Brisbane city. Moreover, the Parklands provides an extensive range of wheelchair-friendly paths, and it is also home to the Wheel of Brisbane.

Top wheelchair-friendly attractions in Brisbane city centre

Brisbane’s city centre is bustling with wheelchair accessible attractions, from the iconic Wheel of Brisbane to the Museum of Brisbane located inside the heritage-listed City Hall. Both these landmarks provide wheelchair accessibility, making them some of the best Brisbane experiences for visitors with mobility needs.

How do you navigate around Brisbane in a wheelchair?

Tips for wheelchair users moving around Brisbane

While Brisbane’s sidewalks are generally wheelchair-friendly, visitors can find additional convenience through Brisbane City’s Visitor Information Centre that provides wheelchair maps and guides. It’s also good to know that most major attractions offer wheelchair hire, creating a worry-free experience for wheelchair users. Lastly, if you’re planning to visit in 2023, stay tuned for additional accessible improvements as Brisbane will be hosting the 2023 Paralympic Games.

Wheelchair accessible transportation options in Brisbane

Getting around Brisbane City is rather straightforward as the public transportation system provides a range of wheelchair accessible options. These include low-floor buses, train platforms with lifts, and accessible ferry services, making Brisbane one of Australia’s most accessible cities.

Orienting yourself in Queensland’s capital city

The city layout is generally organized and simple to navigate, and many major attractions are located within a convenient distance from one another. Additionally, many locals are more than willing to offer help if you ever find yourself needing assistance, contributing greatly to the Brisbane’s tag as one of Australia’s most inclusive cities.

What are the wheelchair accessible accommodation options in Brisbane?

Guide to selecting the best wheelchair accessible accommodation

When it comes to choosing the best accessible accommodation in Brisbane, factors such as position, wheelchair access, and accessible bathrooms are of utmost importance. A few Brisbane hotels even offer specific rooms designed to accommodate wheelchair users, with lowered facilities and plenty of space for easy maneuverability.

Top rated wheelchair-friendly hotels in Brisbane

As for recommendations, top-rated wheelchair-friendly hotels include the Hilton Brisbane, Park Regis North Quay, and The Sebel Brisbane. These hotels offer exceptional accommodation, wheelchair accessible rooms, and accessible bathrooms, making them great choices for visitors in a wheelchair.

Affordable hostel accommodations for wheelchair users

For visitors on a budget, Brisbane offers affordable hostel accommodations that are wheelchair friendly. These include Brisbane City YHA and Summer House Backpackers Brisbane, offering clean and comfortable rooms with accessible features.

Which parks and outdoor spaces are wheelchair-friendly in Brisbane?

The South Bank Parklands: A haven for wheelchair users

The South Bank Parklands remains a highlight for wheelchair-friendly activities in Brisbane due to its flat and smooth pathways, accessible washrooms, and plenty of resting areas. In 2023, the park will also showcase new accessible facilities to welcome the Paralympic Games, making it one of the best accessible experiences in Brisbane.

The breath-taking, wheelchair accessible, Brisbane Botanic Gardens

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens is another wheelchair-friendly outdoor space. Most paths are flat and well-surfaced, providing a stress-free and enjoyable exploration experience in one of Brisbane’s top outdoor attractions.

Exploring the iconic Moreton Bay: Wheelchair Access and Amenities

The iconic Moreton Island has also put in measures to ensure wheelchair users can enjoy the island. Paved boardwalks designed for wheelchair access extend across the island, allowing you to take in the breath-taking views and experience the abundant wildlife close-up.

What are some less obvious wheelchair accessible activities in Brisbane?

The Wheel of Brisbane: An accessible view from the top

The Wheel of Brisbane is an accessible must-see, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of Brisbane City. Each of its fully-enclosed, air-conditioned gondolas have been designed for wheelchair users, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Brisbane Whale Watching: Adventure meets accessibility

Brisbane’s accessibility extends to adventure as well. Those with a taste for sea life can partake in the Brisbane Whale Watching tour, which offers an accessible viewing platform as well as accessible bathrooms to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

Art and Culture: Exploring the wheelchair-friendly QAGOMA

Culture buffs will be pleased to know that both the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) provides comprehensive wheelchair accessibility. From dedicated wheelchair spaces in the cinema, to wheelchair accessible exhibitions, these world-class art galleries ensure all visitors an enriching and rewarding experience.


Q: What are the most popular wheelchair accessible activities in Brisbane in 2023?

A: The most popular wheelchair accessible activities in Brisbane in 2023 include a visit to the Brisbane City Hall, a trip to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, and a tour of the Tangalooma Island Resort. These activities have been ranked by GetYourGuide based on accessibility and popularity among tourists living with a disability.

Q: How does GetYourGuide rank wheelchair accessible activities in Brisbane?

A: GetYourGuide ranks wheelchair accessible activities in Brisbane based on various factors, including the extent of accessible pathways, facilities and access, as well as feedback from visitors and tourists. They provide ample information to help you book the most popular wheelchair accessible activities in Brisbane.

Q: Can I visit the Brisbane City Hall in a wheelchair?

A: Yes, the Brisbane City Hall is one of the city’s top experiences that are wheelchair-accessible. It provides many accessible facilities and access points to ensure you have a pleasant visit, making it a must-visit location for anyone visiting Brisbane.

Q: Are there any wheelchair accessible experiences at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary?

A: Yes, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary provides a variety of wheelchair accessible experiences. It is ranked as one of the most popular wheelchair-accessible activities in Brisbane by GetYourGuide. The facility provides accessible pathways across its mile area, ensuring ease and comfort for people living with a disability.

Q: What are the facilities like for wheelchair users at the Tangalooma Island Resort?

A: The Tangalooma Island Resort provides exceptional facilities for wheelchair users. From accessible pathways across the resort to specially designed accommodations, the resort ensures that all guests, regardless of their ability, can enjoy their visit to Australia’s largest sand island resort.

Q: What are some other things to do in Brisbane that are wheelchair accessible?

A: There are many accessible experiences across Brisbane, such as the Spirits of the Red Sand, a unique theater experience, and sightseeing tours across the city. Additionally, Brisbane Whale Watching is well equipped to offer wheelchair accessible tours.

Q: Are Brisbane’s top experiences accessible by wheelchair?

A: Yes, Brisbane’s top experiences are accessible to people in wheelchairs. From City Hall to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and the Tangalooma Island Resort, these popular destinations provide accessible pathways and facilities for those living with a disability.

Q: How to book the most popular wheelchair accessible activities in Brisbane?

A: You can book the most popular wheelchair accessible activities in Brisbane through GetYourGuide’s website, where they rank activities based on accessibility and popularity among visitors.

Q: How does Brisbane accommodate tourists living with a disability?

A: Brisbane offers many facilities and attractions that are wheelchair-accessible. Known for its inclusivity, the city provides accessible pathways across the city, ensuring that tourists living with a disability can enjoy as much of Brisbane as possible.

Q: What are the best wheelchair-accessible places to visit in Brisbane?

A: Some of the best wheelchair accessible places to visit in Brisbane include the Brisbane City Hall, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Tangalooma Island Resort, and the Spirits of the Red Sand amongst others. Each of these attractions offer extensive facilities and accessibility for wheelchair users, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable visit.

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